Review: ‘The Secrets of Cats’


The Secrets of Cats by Richard Bellingham is an excellent setting for Fate, part of their Worlds of Fate series (which, by the way, is generally wonderful, as they’re really committing to their Open Gaming Licence and promoting lesser-known designers with innovative uses for the system). The characters are all cats who belong to a secret cat society that guards and watches over humans, their ‘Burdens’, using sacrificial magic, territory and occult know-how. If that didn’t already make you excited about this game, you’re probably a lost cause for this review, because this game fully embraces the concept. Less horrifying than Bunnies and Burrows, more heroic than Another Fine Mess, it’s a sweet and occasionally brutal game of animals who are willing to risk anything to save those they love. Continue reading


Review: ‘Another Fine Mess’

another fine messFor the last few years I’ve been accruing roleplaying games without having the time to read or play them. This is partly due to the ridiculously good Bundle of Holding collections that have been coming out and partly due to prioritising other aspects of my time. However, in an attempt to actually keep up with some of the innovative work being done in RPG design, I’m tasking myself with trying to plough through and write about some of the rpgs I haven’t read.

So, Another Fine Mess by Anne Dupuis, a pre-written adventure for a fantasy setting – what makes it new and different is that the characters are sentient animal familiars to a wizard who has gone missing.

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