GG – Alan Wake

Introducing the challenge.

Alan Wake
Publisher/Creator: Remedy Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios
Format: Action game
Released: 2010 (Xbox One), 2012 (PC)

Available on: PC, Xbox One

Platform Played: PC (via Steam)

What is it?

Alan Wake is an action horror that definitely tends towards the Uncharted style of cinematic game, with lots of cut scenes, big set pieces and genre homages. If you want to step into a Stephen King novel or play an action monster-fighting version of Twin PeaksAlan Wake is a surprising amount of fun. Plus it’s both pretty and atmospheric, which covers a multitude of sins for me. Continue reading


Review: ‘Ten Candles’

Definitely not a Molly Ringwald film – instead, an innovative horror game that was nominated for several categories at the ENnies (though sadly did not win).

Ten Candles is a game I supported on Kickstarter a couple of years ago and mostly forgot about. I mainly went in on it because of its core mechanic: games take place by the light of ten candles (with optional extra lighting, obviously), each of which darkens as the game goes on. When all the candles are out, the game ends. It certainly caught my attention, plus the tagline was ‘A storytelling game of tragic horror’. So, y’know, my kind of thing. I’m actually really pleased I backed it on a whim, because it’s brought up some great concepts. Continue reading


Review: ‘Dead of Night’

dead of night rpgDead of Night is a brilliant horror game explicitly designed for genre emulation and pick-up-and-play short games, and though the mechanics won’t be to everyone’s tastes, there are definitely some really great ideas here. Plus the book is beautifully-produced and filled with inspiring posters and suggestions to get you in the mood for a truly horrifying experience. Even if you’re not interested in the mechanics, it’s a great read for anyone who wants to run horror games.

Continue reading