Review: ‘Dead of Night’

dead of night rpgDead of Night is a brilliant horror game explicitly designed for genre emulation and pick-up-and-play short games, and though the mechanics won’t be to everyone’s tastes, there are definitely some really great ideas here. Plus the book is beautifully-produced and filled with inspiring posters and suggestions to get you in the mood for a truly horrifying experience. Even if you’re not interested in the mechanics, it’s a great read for anyone who wants to run horror games.

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Review: ‘Mermaid Adventures’

Mermaid Adventures.jpg

Mermaid Adventures by Eloy Lasanta is a family-friendly game where you play a group of merfolk having adventures. Have you ever wanted to seek out sunken treasure under the sea, make friends with mythical sea-creatures or use the magic of a sea witch to walk on land for the first time? Then Mermaid Adventures is for you! Continue reading